Client Testimonials

"Excellent work Daphne – well done."

Josh Radonsky
Associate Director of Marketing, youngStartup Ventures

"Thanks Philip! You've really been great. I've worked with several VAs over the years and you're awesome!"

Virginia Maddan
Founder, Comfortable Structure

"We would just like to let you and your team know that we are really enjoying working with you and are very happy and satisfied with the work you are doing, the way you communicating and fitting in with how we work and your reporting. We look forward to a long relationship with you and your team."

Abigail Tunstall
Owner, Tuvizo

"Wow Imai, these are awesome notes from the call. Thank you for attending and taking such thorough notes."

Mylene Calvo
Key Accounts Manager, CoreTechs, Inc.

"I would highly recommend Pepper VA to others. I was very pleased with the service Claire of Pepper VA provided me. She was quick, well-organized, well-spoken, and had great customer service. The entire Pepper VA team that I dealt with had superior customer service than most any company I've worked with, probably the best company I've worked with this year. The team will be willing to work with you on anything and I was lucky to have such a great person to help with my work. They provide so many deep business services/they clearly have a great background with business and how things work. Claire took any information I needed and organized it into Excel sheets or documents that were very easy to read and process. I believe everyone could use Pepper VA. If it can reduce your stress, it will increase your happiness!"

Shawn Patel

"Pepper has assisted us with uploading content to our website. We have been pushing out the live date as there is so much content to upload and our Virtual Assistant is certainly allowing us to speed up the process."

Sarah Boles

"I'm not sure who to send this to so please pass this on to the right person if it's not in fact you guys but I wanted to say that Rona is fantastic.

She's been creating a Dashboard for me and I am so impressed with what she's done. I had this idea in my head and i described to Rona and she's built it. In fact she's built it to be even better that I envisaged.

I love working with Rona. Just wanted you to know.

Thank you.!"

Greg Southcombe
Managing Director, Travelcafe

"Melissa - feed back from our client is that he has been very impressed with the quality of your work! Thanks to you!

KATABOLT will be using you more for our clients that need research done around the world."

Christopher Boys,

"There are a LOT of VA firms out there to choose from. I have worked with many. Some are good and some are not. There is only one I consider exceptional: the Pepper VA team."

Prinicipal of Zawajfun Webstore

"I can't tell you how helpful Melissa has been. This month I have had a tremendous amount of work because of an end of March deadline. I couldn't have done a lll this work and kept on top of everything without her. I'd like to do something extra for her. Is that allowed? If so, how would I do that."

Cindi Hill
Hill Compliance Advisors

"Melissa has been able to take care of tasks that I've been procrastinating to do for awhile. After hiring Pepper I haven't had to do those time consuming tasks that I hate to do. Not only did she do exactly what I asked but exceeded my expectations in quality. We are currently growing our business at a fast pace and it's good to know that I have someone we can use to take care of things we don't have time to or simply can't. Melissa takes care of things I wouldn't be able to do myself."

Mike Bledsoe
Faction Strength & Conditioning

"My Pepper VA has allowed me to cross off items that were sitting on my to-do list for months! I am very satisfied with the overall experience and I look forward to finding other projects for her to work on!"

Marie DeCaprio
MCD Advisors, LLC

"Mel - I just want to tell you, you did a FANTASTIC job on this article! I really like how you organized the information and made it clear to the reader. Very nice work!! Thanks again for your really great work!!!"

TJ Gilsenan
President and Founder, The Interactive Advisor

"Mia! Those were the best reviews yet - beautifully concise and masterfully crafted! I particularly like the ingredient listing with a brief description on why each component is important. I'm in love with those last two, the long one in particular - fantastic work! Thank you! :D"

Dane Johnson
Chief Boozehound
Melbourne Nightlife

"Maan was really easy to work with, and overall I was pleasantly surprised of the whole process, and with Pepper!"

Eric Lightman
Director of Operations On Hold Inc & Virtual Media Group

"It's been an excellent experience so far. Sarah has helped me to get more things done and it's been helpful to have another pair of hands. Really love how professional you are in dealing with me and any issues I have. Thanks, Andy"

Andy Mindel
Webventurer LLP

"I have begun working with Melissa. Although we are just getting started, she has already been a big help! I think she will be a tremendous asset."

TJ Gilsenan
President and Founder, The Interactive Advisor

"I have never hired a VA before, but can tell you that Sarah has far exceeded my expectations. I am about to launch another business and am planning to increase my hours with Sarah and have her help me with that business also."

Thomas Lawrence
CEO, Benefit Recovery, Inc.

"Everything went just great. Paula is absolutely awesome! You are so lucky to have this person watching out for you in Manila. She did not miss a single detail...many that I would have not thought out without her. She also found time to be with us at the gathering which I very much appreciated. "

Dennis Motschenbacher
Executive V.P.
Vertex Standard

"I hired Pepper Virtual Assistants in the early days of my business to help with administrative tasks. I have been nothing but pleased with the company, and especially my personal VA. Even now that I have three employees, I still use Pepper to help with data entry and the management of my social media accounts. The quality of Pepper's work has far surpassed my expectations. I would recommend them without question to anyone looking for a virtual assistant."

Kristen Luke
Marketing Consultant for Independent Financial Advisors

"Verna you are terrific!

I can't tell you how much I wish I didn't have to break our great momentum and routine - but I will definitely be back soon and I hope you will be there and will be able to work with me again!

I really appreciate not only the wonderfully quick work you've done this week but also these last 2 months - you have been terrific and I look forward to the opportunity to work with you and the Pepper Team again in the near future."

Julie Gray
Owner and Professional Organizer
Profound Impact Holistic Organizing and Coaching

"Noemi has been truly FANTASTIC! I couldn't have asked for a better VA, or a better experience in using Pepper."

Jeremy Cabral
Credit Card Finder

"I really appreciate the great work your organization has done for my firm and would highly recommend your organization to all of my colleagues."

Anthony Rhem
President/CEO, A.J. Rhem & Associates, Inc.

"I talked about looking into getting a VA on twitter after reading the 4 Hour Work week by Tim Ferriss. Soon after a PepperVA person tweeted back and offered me the free trial, It was simply too good an offer to miss! I'd already looked at a couple of others but found them lacking in their response speed (if they responded at all!). I was walked through the VA system and process really well and that a good effort was made to understand me and my requirements, even though I didn't really know what they were before I started! My VA was introduced and we got to work. It really did take a while for me to work out what to send Via, but once I did she took my plain and very dull power point presentation and made it look spectacular. I can honestly say I was overwhelmed with the results. It was still my document, but now it was something I was really proud of and I'm delighted to be able to use it for my presentations. The research projects were equally well managed and returned to me with more information that I expected, especially given the time constraints. Having two jobs at the moment I was really struggling to finish everything I started. Now I have a pepperVA in my back pocket I keep seeing exciting opportunities rather than a workload that is making me crumble. I think my friends are getting a bit tired of me saying "a PepperVA could do that for you" and smiling at them smugly."

Paul G. Bailey
Gay Confidence Coach

"Absolutely phenomenal work! (And that's an adjective I rarely use!) Your work is excellent and much better quality than I would have done - and I didn't even have the time to get started. In short, thank you so much Paula!"

Dane Johnson
Chief Boozehound
Melbourne Nightlife

"Working with a virtual assistant was new for me. I tried two services and was already having trouble with the other one when I found Pepper. I did not have any problems with Pepper, in fact, they exceeded my expectations! Everything was handled nicely and timely. I know I will have more work for Pepper in the near future!"

Kip Ferguson
Michigan Advertising

"I just wanted to take a few seconds to let you know how things are going so far. Mejie is absolutely wonderful. Even my husband, when I told him the progress she's been able to make thus far, was impressed. I never would have been able to complete this project on time without you and Mejie."

Dawn Martinello
Owner/VA of Monday Morning VA

"Nikki is one of the most trustworthy and reliable people I have ever worked with. If you get a chance to work with her under any context, don't hesitate."

Mark Joyner
#1 Bestselling Author of "Integration Marketing"

"Having the possibility of delegating my tasks to someone with such a high degree of professionalism and reliability is a huge enhancement in life quality and gives a real boost to my productivity - I love going out knowing that at the same time someone I trust is taking care of my business ! I'm sure I'll keep coming back to Pepper!"

Fabio Corigliano
Apapun - live, soon

"Very positive first experience. Looking forward to working with you all again in the future..."

Brody Dorland
Founder and Creative Director
Something Creative, Inc.

"I discovered Pepper at a time when I needed additional support for my growing coach training school. I decided to try out Pepper's offer of a free trial virtual assistant and entered the Peppered Customer of the Year contest. My first week with Blue Mercado was excellent. She was able to do almost everything I requested and it was done promptly and professionally. What a relief! I can't think of anything better than winning a free year with Blue as my assistant, as far as helping the growth of my business is concerned. And for the first time in a few months, I feel like I have my life back!"

Julia Stewart
President, School of Coaching Mastery

"I would def use you guys again, if only my business would pick up so that i had something for you to do!
Paula was great....I think the biz card project worked out really well."

Nikki Striefler
Marketing and Brand Consultant

"I appreciate everything you have done. Blue is a tremendous asset to your organization and represents you extremely well. Blue is great!"

Jeffrey Nunley
Evergreen Pacific Mortgage, Inc.

"I'm amazed how much work I've completed with Pepper's help! I had so many projects I was working on ranging from book writing, executive coaching, speaking engagements, social networking, to fine art sales. I was becoming overwhelmed until Pepper found me on Twitter. Initially I was a bit skeptical how a VA would save me time. I had the impression that it would take me longer to explain something to someone then actually doing it myself. As it turns out my VA has helped me wrap up so many projects that my life was suddenly much more enjoyable! I was no longer dreading the things I did not want to do. My VA took care of all the details quickly and seamlessly so I have more time to do the things I do best! The whole process was so smooth and I am so glad I took this leap of faith! Thank you Pepper!"

Flo Li
Atomic Flow

"Verna is excellent to work with and showed initiative in presenting ideas that would further our project along! She is helping me with a marketing project and worked independently, freeing me up to focus on networking. I will recommend her and Pepper Virtual Assistants to my clients."

Constance Drew
Business Advisor, Speaker & Writer
Founder, Global Visionary Startups, LLC.

"I just took a read through of the blog posts. I think they are fantastic. I'm amazed on how you've turned the original content into something that provides so much more, portrays the picture and captures the heart. Very well written!"

Neelima Pratap

"You guys are the best! I feel like Iron Man!"

Prinicipal of Zawajfun Webstore

"I've been working with George for a week so it's too soon to speak of many changes. But I must admit that I'm much more focused and just knowing that she's there, waiting for her to-do lists and ready to help, keeps me on my toes!"

Marta Korowaj
Marta Korowaj Photography

"wow, thanks guys, you ARE amazing at Pepper! You've handled everything I've thrown at you...professionally, and at record speed. (I really need to write you guys a linked in recco and do some other PR to show my thanks..!)"

Nikki Striefler

"I have worked with other VAs in the past that did the bare minimum to complete my tasks. Jennifer and Melissa always went above and beyond what the task description. Their execution exceeded expectations and they were frequently suggesting better ways to do things. I was also extremely impressed with their willingness to tackle unfamiliar, challenging tasks."

Jason Nochlin
Software Engineer and Internet Entrprenuer

"For anyone who has started their own business, knows how much work is involved during pre-launch, and when it is only you, the assistance Pepper Virtual Assisntants provided has fought me closer to launching my business! It was a great feeling sending an assignment off, knowing that I could consider it done, correctly and quickly. To me, it is better than hiring someone, someone who may call in sick, or not have the skills I need for an assignment...Pepper has back ups for when your assigned VA is sick or on holidays, so projects continue on without any delays. Tried the trial, and panic thinking of life without! Going to sign up and keep the momentum going...I've got a business to launch!!! :)"

Syndi Cannon
Syndicated Media

"I like the way you were able to replace one excellent VA with another without any disruption to our service. That worked well and was professionally done."

Andy Mindel

"I can't tell you how helpful Melissa has been. This month I have had a tremendous amount of work because of an end of March deadline. I couldn't have done a lll this work and kept on top of everything without her. I'd like to do something extra for her. Is that allowed? If so, how would I do that."

Cindi Hill
Hill Compliance Advisors

"Great work Phil,

Thanks for your efforts and patience while we get going and up to speed.

Am a happy customer."

Abigail Tunstall

“I think you're doing a great job and I appreciate your quickness and ability to pivot quickly when I throw something at you!“

Maritza Parra
CEO, Yuyi Communication LLC