The Writers

March 30, 2009 | by admin

Paula Uy

PaulaPaula Uy is Pepper Virtual Assistants’ Business Development Manager. She is also Pepper Talk’s Managing Editor. Her pragmatic view on outsourcing comes from her years of experience in developing the virtual assistant business. Between juggling work and raising her kids, she enjoys her daily dose of chocolate, grunge music and yoga. A self-professed foodie, she spends a lot of her free time experimenting in the kitchen.



Ivy Guerrero

ivyIvy Guerrero is Pepper’s resident copywriter. A certified bibliophile, Ivy’s love for the written word borders on obsession. Most of the time, she indulges herself to be trapped in the vicious yet gratifying cycle of reading and writing. Despite her exposure to various prolific authors Ivy still acknowledges that God is the ultimate Storyteller, having written the world’s #1 all-time Bestseller. The only competition to Ivy’s literary vices is her family. Her husband and baby take precedence over everything. She loves being a wife and mom more than being a wordsmith because they are the only people who render her speechless.


Jade Daryanani

Daryanani GlamShotJade Daryanani is Pepper’s copywriter. Between the rollercoaster that is her life and work, Jade loves sticking her nose in books and disappearing for hours at a time. A certified patsy for happy endings, romance, and the occasional angst, she admits to not always having been a bookworm but always loved writing. Her worst critic is herself even full-knowingly that the cycle of writing is a wicked thing to enjoy so much. As headstrong and resilient as she is, Jade proudly waves her rainbow flag and marches through life with her head held high and spark in her eye.


Bernie Macintosh

Bernie Macintosh is a Creative Director at ASPAC-Law Advertising. He also plays bass for Milagros Dancehall Collective and second fiddle to his four-year old. In his spare time, he bombs the trails of San Mateo, Rizal on his mountain bike.