The Purpose of this Blog and Some Shameless Self-Promotion…

March 5, 2009 | by admin

Hi! Welcome to Pepper Virtual Assistant Services Blog!

First, let’s start by giving you a bit of a background about our company.

We all know that today’s economic climate allows outsourcing to be a way for a lot of businesses to survive. Naturally, business companies, whether big or small, look to resources that are affordable. But affordable is not always equivalent to quality work.

Unfortunately there are more horror stories than success stories of hiring an off-shore virtual assistant  – and for this reason, Pepper was created.

You see, the name Pepper was Inspired by the extra-ordinary personal assistant of an Iron superhero. So all our virtual assistants were screened with her persona in mind.

The Pepper promise…
Our goal is to offer not only reasonably priced services but also excellent work to all our customers. We endeavor to be effective and efficient. We will not only work for you, we will understand your business and become your ally to business’ success.

Of course, you can learn more about our team and the company behind us to know that these are not empty promises.

About this blog…
The idea of this blog to provide our customers the resources for the following information:

•    How to increase your productivity
•    How to get the most out of outsourcing
•    The Pepper experience – part of this blog will be dedicated to offer information on services we have provided to our customers. This can be your research ground to learn if Pepper virtual assistant services will be a great fit for your business needs.
•    And a lot more, all targeted towards living your ultimate life!

Stay tuned for more updates from the Pepper team!