Pepper Affiliate Program


Frequently asked questions

1. What is the Pepper Affiliate Program?

The Pepper Affiliate program is a referral program by Pepper Virtual Assistants that allows you to earn money by promoting Pepper and successfully persuading a client to subscribe to Pepper's services.

2. I'm not a client. Can I still become a Pepper Affiliate?

Yep, definitely! The Pepper Affiliate Program is open to everybody, clients and non-clients. Just fill out the registration form and wait for our approval.

3. How do I sign up?

Fill out the registration form found on this link:

4. What does it cost to sign up?

Registering to become a Pepper affiliate is completely free.

5. What are the commission schemes?

For each successful referral, you will receive per month a commission of 5% - 10% of the client's monthly subscription fee for as long as the client stays with us.

$1400/month subscription = $45/month
$750/month subscription = $25/month
$557/month subscription = $15/month
$297/month subscription = $50 (one time payment per referral)

* Commissions stated above are based on the net subscription fees and are still be subject to Paypal transaction fees.

For clients:

$1400/month subscription = $60/month
$750/month subscription = $30/month
$557/month subscription = $20/month
$297/month subscription = Additional 5 hours for one month (per referral)

6. When will I receive my commission?

Commissions are paid at the beginning of each month. For example, a referral subscribes to our services on August 12. You will receive your commission on the first day of every month that follows, starting on September 1. The minimum amount of commission is $100 before we can pay them out.

7. How will I be paid?

You will need a valid Paypal account to get paid.

8. I'm not a client. What happens when I decide to subscribe as a client to Pepper?

You will have the option to use our rebate system and receive more points for each successful referral.

9. I have two websites. Can I use both for Pepper affiliate marketing?

Of course! As long as the websites are not about pornography, violence, gambling or just about anything that violates our laws and moral ethics, that's fine.

10. What should I do to earn more commission?

Focus on referring full-time clients.

11. How can I be sure the sign up will be credited to me?

We have tracking links unique to each affiliate, and we'll know if the sign up came from your site.

12. What if I do not own a blog or a website, can I still be an affiliate?

Yes, you can still be an affiliate. There are a lot of ways to refer – by telling them about Pepper over the phone, emailing, social media, etc. But be sure to give your unique affiliate link so that the referrals can be tracked.

13. How do I change my password?

Once logged in, select “My Account” from the yellow drop-down menus on your dashboard. Then select, “Change Password.”

14. Can I change my PayPal account and other account details?

Once logged in, you may begin editing or updating your account details. Select “My Account” from the yellow drop-down menu on your dashboard.

15. My banner link is broken. What should I do?

Report broken links immediately at

16. Can I replace your existing Pepper banners or use my own customized Pepper banner?

Yes. But please submit your banner to first. All customized banners are subject for approval by Pepper.

17. I saw a website using Pepper’s logo for pornography, gambling and/or other illegal activities.
What should I do?

Report illegal websites to us immediately at This is a breach of agreement and will automatically terminate the partnership between Pepper and said offensive website.