Pepper Virtual Assistants is a team of highly-skilled professionals in the Philippines handpicked for their exceptional talent, high emotional intelligence, can-do attitude, and innovative thinking. Some of our virtual assistants are young and fresh graduates from prestigious universities in the country with excellent academic records. We also prioritize people with good work history. We hire professionals who live and breathe the virtual space, giving them edge in online platforms and processes.

We have a rigorous hiring process as we only employ VAs who are committed to excellence, share our company’s core values, and embrace our culture. The training process is just as stringent as our virtual assistants learn not only the tools and skills required but also the nuances of the Western way of business. We ensure that our VAs are able to communicate and collaborate effectively with our clients regardless of what country they’re from.

Our VAs go through multiple bootcamps and simulation exercises to get them ready for client handling and interaction. They are given comprehensive knowledge, skills, and hands-on training so that they they are not only equipped but also fully confident to deal with different clients.

All our virtual assistants are office-based to ensure that the quality of communication and output is maintained at a high level. We have our own leased line to guarantee uninterrupted and high-speed internet connection.



The name Pepper was inspired by the extraordinary personal assistant of an iron-clad superhero.

Behind the success of an iron-clad superhero is a woman named Pepper. In the same way, behind a thriving small and medium-sized business is a virtual assistant from Pepper.

We take pride in our meticulous hiring process, exhaustive knowledge and hands-on training, stable and up-to-date technologies, continuous skills enhancement programs, full management support, dynamic work environment, competitive pay, and great company culture.

Pepper provides high-quality and reliable virtual assistance to small and medium-sized businesses worldwide. We partner with business owners in stream lining their systems and processes to ensure seamless operations.

We not only value our client relationships but also our employee relations. We prioritize the professional development and work-life balance of our team. The success of our internal and external partnerships has resulted in client retention and long-term relationships between our customers and the Pepper family.

At Pepper, we believe that keeping both our clients and our people happy are foundational to our success. When our team is satis fied working with us, it translates to the way they work with our clients. It comes full circle as our clients express their satisfaction with their collaboration and partnership with our VAs.

Pepper provides scalable, affordable, and flexible virtual assistance solutions for small and medium-sized businesses, streamlining processes for more efficient business operations.

The strength of Pepper lies in our ability to get things done efficiently without compromising the quality of our relationships with our clients and our people.

At Pepper, you have a team that is built for success and committed to your success.

Who is the team 

behind Pepper?

Miguel Ramos is the Chairman of Pepper. A creative entrepreneur, Miguel owns multiple businesses in the field of advertising, marketing and digital communications, brand strategy and development, and new media. When he’s not coming up with a new business plan, Miguel channels his energy into boxing, diving, and cars.

Nikki Ilumin is the Business Director of Pepper. She specializes in marketing strategy, online marketing, project management, content marketing, and training. Aside from being on top of things at Pepper, Nikki still manages to engage in different sports activities. When she’s not tapping into her athletic side, she bakes all sorts of heavenly goodies and creates bento boxes much to her boys’ delight.

Paula Gesmundo Uy is the Business Development Manager of Pepper and the Marketing Strategist of Pepper Social Media. She specializes in product development and marketing, employee training and development, and digital marketing. When not rigorously training Pepper’s high calibre VAs, Paula goes all goofy and gooey with her adorable kids.

Jay Costan is the Virtual Assistant Supervisor of Pepper. He specializes in the field of outsourcing, virtual assistance, and customer service. He may be the man behind the quality assurance within Pepper but when work hours are over, Jay is the ultimate outdoors guy. He loves nature tripping and spending time with his family.

Daryl George Enriquez is the Virtual Assistant Supervisor of Pepper. She specializes in client handling, virtual assistance, coaching, and skills enhancement. Behind that bubbly personality is a quality-oriented supervisor who makes sure that Pepper’s VAs deliver on time and maintain a good standing with their clients. A voracious reader and movie buff, George finds the perfect escape in film and literature.