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  • "I do not know how we got anything done before we got Pepper. "
    Neelima Pratap | Co-Founder |
    Grace Educational Trust |
  • "They get projects done so quickly, on-time even faster than I expect sometimes. "
    Stacey Hylen | Business Optimizer Coach
  • "I love what you guys do and I’m happy to share that it’s made a huge impact in my business. "
    Chris McIntyre | Speaker and Author


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  • What our

     clients say...

    "Thanks Philip! You've really been great. I've worked with several VAs over the years and you're awesome!"
    Virginia Maddan, Founder, Comfortable Structure |
  • What our

     clients say...

    "Melissa used her mind and thought for herself. She was happy to correct me which is really great.

    I considered using virtual assistants for a long time. When I eventually did I found it could revolutionise my time by allowing my to pass on appropriate tasks to my VA. If you work out what you require in a clear, consist way and communicate this carefully then the VA can really help you and save you a lot of time and money. I am blown away by just how much I can pass on!"
    Dr Lee Hitchens, Owner, Nexus |
  • What our

     clients say...

    "Wow Imai, these are awesome notes from the call. Thank you for attending and taking such thorough notes."
    Mylene Calvo, Key Accounts Manager, CoreTechs, Inc. |
  • What our

     clients say...

    "I would highly recommend Pepper VA to others. I was very pleased with the service Claire of Pepper VA provided me. She was quick, well-organized, well-spoken, and had great customer service. The entire Pepper VA team that I dealt with had superior customer service than most any company I've worked with, probably the best company I've worked with this year. The team will be willing to work with you on anything and I was lucky to have such a great person to help with my work. They provide so many deep business services/they clearly have a great background with business and how things work. Claire took any information I needed and organized it into Excel sheets or documents that were very easy to read and process. I believe everyone could use Pepper VA. If it can reduce your stress, it will increase your happiness!"
  • What our

     clients say...

    "Maan was really easy to work with, and overall I was pleasantly surprised of the whole process, and with Pepper!"
    Eric Lightman | Director of Operations On Hold Inc & Virtual Media Group |
  • What our

     clients say...

    "Pepper has assisted us with uploading content to our website. We have been pushing out the live date as there is so much content to upload and our Virtual Assistant is certainly allowing us to speed up the process."
  • What our

     clients say...

    "I'm not sure who to send this to so please pass this on to the right person if it's not in fact you guys but I wanted to say that Rona is fantastic.

    She's been creating a Dashboard for me and I am so impressed with what she's done. I had this idea in my head and i described to Rona and she's built it. In fact she's built it to be even better that I envisaged.

    I love working with Rona. Just wanted you to know.

    Thank you.!"
    Greg Southcombe | Managing Director, Travelcafe |
  • What our

     clients say...

    "Melissa - feed back from our client is that he has been very impressed with the quality of your work! Thanks to you!

    KATABOLT will be using you more for our clients that need research done around the world."
    Christopher Boys | CEO |
  • What our

     clients say...

    "There are a LOT of VA firms out there to choose from. I have worked with many. Some are good and some are not. There is only one I consider exceptional: the Pepper VA team."
    H.S. | Prinicipal of Zawajfun Webstore |
  • What our

     clients say...

    "I can't tell you how helpful Melissa has been. This month I have had a tremendous amount of work because of an end of March deadline. I couldn't have done a lll this work and kept on top of everything without her. I'd like to do something extra for her. Is that allowed? If so, how would I do that."
    Cindi Hill | Hill Compliance Advisors |
  • What our

     clients say...

    " Melissa has been able to take care of tasks that I've been procrastinating to do for awhile. After hiring Pepper I haven't had to do those time consuming tasks that I hate to do. Not only did she do exactly what I asked but exceeded my expectations in quality. We are currently growing our business at a fast pace and it's good to know that I have someone we can use to take care of things we don't have time to or simply can't. Melissa takes care of things I wouldn't be able to do myself."
    Mike Bledsoe | Faction Strength & Conditioning |
  • What our

     clients say...

    "My Pepper VA has allowed me to cross off items that were sitting on my to-do list for months! I am very satisfied with the overall experience and I look forward to finding other projects for her to work on!"
    Marie DeCaprio | MCD Advisors, LLC |
  • What our

     clients say...

    "Mel - I just want to tell you, you did a FANTASTIC job on this article! I really like how you organized the information and made it clear to the reader. Very nice work!! Thanks again for your really great work!!!"
    TJ Gilsenan | President and Founder, The Interactive Advisor |

Virtual Assistance 

Done Right

Pepper Virtual Assistants is virtual assistance done right. We know that hiring a virtual assistant is a big risk as it involves entrusting business processes to someone who’s located remotely.

This is why we invest heavily in our people, systems, and training to ensure our clients that they’re partnering with a dependable, effective, and most of all, competent team.

We provide highly-skilled virtual assistants that are not only adept in administrative tasks but also knowledgeable in niche business solutions and online platforms.

Our VA services are categorized into three profiles. Meet Eva, the Executive VA, who can take care of all things administrative; Mark, the Marketing VA, who is adept in digital marketing tasks; and Pepper, the Digital Project Manager, who works with a team handling one-time digital projects from conception to completion.

Our Services

Eva Executive Assistance


Executive Assistance

Mark Digital Marketing Assistance


Digital Marketing Assistance

Pepper Project Management


Project Management

pepper virtual assistants

The Pepper 


Pepper is committed to providing excellent and efficient virtual assistance to small and medium-sized businesses.

Our managed services guarantee not only quality work but also timely delivery. We have substitute VA arrangements so that your work remains uninterrupted even if your VA goes on leave. Our supervisors also monitor the load of our VAs to ensure optimal performance and high-quality output.

We also have IT support available on all our shifts. Our VAs work in a centralized office space, with individual computer units, and up-to-date systems. We also have a dedicated leased line for stable and faster internet connection. Aside from that, our offices are also equipped with back-up generator for uninterrupted service during blackouts.

Pepper is built to support businesses in full capacity. From our talent pool to office infrastructure, we provide business owners more time to focus on the important aspects of their business. We take care of your company while you pursue your vision.

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